Why Little Llamas?

Why the name Little Llamas?

Well, I originally started this blog as a family blog.  I named it Little Llamas after our favorite children's book at the time, Llama, Llama, Red Pajama.


This book was the inspiration for this blog title.  This was Carson's first "Favorite" book, and we have already worn through our first copy. It provides many laughs and insights into the joys and craziness of bedtime...and the craziness of ANY time in our house!

"Baby Llama, What a Tizzy!
Sometimes Mama's very busy.
Please Stop all this Llama Drama
and be patient for your Mama."

For a few years I had a ball making this blog a fun family blog with mainly family posts, pictures of my kids, product reviews, giveaways, etc.  I loved the blogging circles and was quickly growing my blog readership.  

However, as the years have gone by....my family has grown, my plate is more full, and my time for blogging is just less.   However, at the end of the day, I love to blog. I love to write and I feel like there are times when I just have something to say.  But I needed a break--- I needed to let go of the blogging mentality pressuring me to blog every day and grow my readership, to monetize, to "make it big".  The reality is my blog is NOT my business....and never will be.

My "business" is to be a wife and mom and to bring God the Glory in all that I do.

So... I have shifted my blog focus away from being primarily a family blog and more toward a blog where I can just come and write... I will not be obligated to post every day, and can't even promise to post every week.  I will post when I have something to say.

For now, the name Little Llamas will stay.  Mainly because I own the domain, and so many people follow the blog under that name.  Perhaps it will change one day.

So here it is...  Little Llamas will be all about this little life, little me,  little lessons learned along the way.

You will notice that my old posts are signed with the following.

While I changed the design of the blog, I can't figure out how to take off the old signature.  So enjoy the old posts by Mama Llama!