Welcome to Little Llamas!

Meet Carrie--
 Thanks so much for reading the little things I have to say.
 My name is Carrie Russell and I am the owner of and main Contributor to this blog.  My husband David and I have been married for 10 years and have 4 children-- Charlotte, Carson, Helen, and Henry!

We are members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church where David serves as an Elder as well as Directing Campus Outreach, a college ministry to Universities in DC.

We are a family striving to know God and to Glorify Him in all we do.
We fail desperately each day...causing us to cling to the Cross and the Great Hope that we find only in Christ.

This blog started out as a family chronicle blog-- but as life has changed throughout the years,  I find less time for blogging, yet more "life lessons" that urge me to write!  I have shifted away from this being primarily a family blog and more to a place where I can write about whatever moves in my heart.

Marriage, motherhood, church, my relationship with God, etc.

 One thing we strive to remember is that we might be shepherding this crazy herd…
               but He is the Great Shepherd! 
My desire is for this blog is to help shift our focus back on the Great Shepherd and not on us.

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