Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Hiatus

It is probably clear from my lack of online presence that I have indeed been on a quite extended Blog Hiatus. 
I used to wonder how anyone just stopped blogging all together.  And then I found myself in that exact position.  I went from blogging daily, to a few times a week, to long stretches of 2-3 weeks in between.  Then months. And here we are today.  My baby is almost 11 months old and my last significant post was in May of 2012. 

The birth of my 4th child on top of: life in this unique city, hybrid homeschooling, taking on a part time job at my children’s school… not to mention daily house chores, errands, church relationships, etc… My life was feeling full and stretched.  Full I can handle, but it was become painfully stretched where I needed to evaluate my time and priorities.  When assessing what things needed to take priority, this sweet blog space had to be bumped down the list. 

I have had numerous times when I have had profound things to share.  Profound thoughts that require more than a 120 characters tweet can contain, or would be too lengthy for a Facebook status.    I still have a huge heart for writing, speaking, and sharing my thoughts on all sorts of topics. So for a season I have had to press pause on my commitment to blogging.  For a while I just didn’t know how to jump back in after months went by… and then I  didn’t really know if I wanted to.  I redesigned the blog header, tried to gain a little momentum, but it just wasn’t the right time to come back to regular blogging.   

I am not certain if I will blog in this space again.  But I hope to blog or write somewhere soon. 
For now, I hope you enjoy some of my past posts!

It has always been my desire to encourage others and Glorify God with my blogging.   I pray you have been encouraged as you read my blog and I hope you continue to follow/subscribe so you can keep updated on any new writing I do. 

Thank you faithful readers and friends for understanding that Living life was more important than blogging about it.

PS-- And Thanks to Pinterest for keeping my potty training post alive and circulating!