Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Zwischen

Did you forget I was pregnant?   Well… I sure didn’t! 
Did you forget I had a blog??  Well…I almost did. 

But back to being pregnant---which I certainly have not forgotten about.

I have officially entered The Zwischen.  
I read a great article this week by a midwife coining the phrase “The Zwischen”.  Zwischen is German for “In Between” and this is the name she has given this special time towards the end of a woman’s pregnancy until delivery. 

That time when you are ready,  but simply waiting.  


The in between…. The Zwischen.  
Well, I am there friends.

Baby Boy Russell is due in 5 days and we are SO ready.  I have been busying myself with nesting and getting projects done as well as taking it easy, enjoying my family, and preparing my heart for his grand arrival!


We tend to to bake our babies longer than “the norm”.  So though I am due in 5 days, we are fully prepared to be waiting little longer.
In the mean time I have completed most of my necessary nesting (babies room, clothes washed, carseat installed ,etc) and now I am moving on to projects to keep me busy.  Sometimes these projects get me in trouble… like when I got poison ivy all over my belly because I decided 40 weeks pregnant was good time to weed our garden. 

Mainly, I am trying to enjoy this week.  Enjoy the easy schedule we have with our children, make easy dinners, go on dates with my husband, get my house cleaned, get a pedicure.   I have some fun projects to do and might even blog again (I know—crazy idea). 

I am trying to prepare my mind and heart that the waiting may be longer than just this week… usually once I get past my due date my perspective and attitude starts getting really skewed.    So check back with me next Friday and I’ll tell you if I am still this positive and at peace about the wait. 

I am praying that God would give me grace and patience as we wait for His perfect timing for this little one.

We can’t wait to share the news of Baby’s arrival, but in the meantime, we simply wait with great anticipation….. 

             The Zwischen
… that is where we are friends!