Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Party

So, I admit it… I am not a huge fan of Birthday parties.  They stress me out.  Then we have my husband--- who loves a great birthday party.  He convinces me, I pull it off, and am always so glad we did it!   Before we left NC we had great birthday parties for Charlotte and Carson…. Charlotte’s 4th birthday party was a HUGE memory maker.   But being the realistic one, I know we can’t do “wow" parties” every year for 4 kids. 

Our first year here in DC we just did small family celebrations. 

So this year for Carson’s 5th Bday, I told him we could do an all out big fun party…and He picked a Super Hero Theme.


Now I am not into super crafty things, but didn’t want to just buy store bought superhero décor (he doesn’t really even know all the superheros that well)

But, I did find some great free printables on Pinterest.



Decorations were simple, and snacks were too!  We did an afternoon party, so didn’t do lunch, just snack and cake.


We had Power Punch! And all the Super Heroes made their own Super Snack bag to take home!


And then the cake--- mommy isn’t the best baker, but I was pretty proud of the cake.  From Dying icing to rolling out fondant, it was super fun to make, and Carson Loved it!


We had 12 little super heros (and our 2 little princesses). 
Just a note to all you moms--- if you have a birthday party on a weekend, chances are a handful of guests can’t come.  If you do it on a school day afternoon, be prepared that ALL of them will probably be able to come.  And ALL of them did.



It’s a good thing we love all of them…. they were the wildest dozen ever!  We made super hero masks…


Then made our way to a near by community center to undergo Super Hero Training.  We had an obstacle course, and training activities that they had to do to earn stickers that would eventually get them the Candy Loot.


But then to our surprise--- a VILLAIN came in to STEAL the candy!  Good thing we had just trained our superheroes.   They secured the Villain and rescued the candy.  Whooo!   It was a close one.


It was so much fun!  The boys all had a blast, the food and décor were not that expensive, and the fun and momentum of the day made for some great memories!  I am thrilled Carson got a super fun Super Hero Party!  He sure is my little superhero!

Stay tuned to see how we did an even simpler party (yet still super cute) for Helen!