Sunday, March 11, 2012

Month in Review

We have had a busy month or so here in our Little Llama world!  The best way to beat Winter Blues (if you can even call what we have had winter) is to fill it full of birthdays and holidays!

Carson turned 5… got a pogo stick… since we thought he wasn’t active enough of a kid.


And had the best super hero party ever!  (separate post to come!)


Mommy recovered from the invasion of 12 boys by escaping with Daddy to Asheville on a speaking engagement, which we turned into a pseudo baby-moon!


After dining the weekend away, we opted for a nice dinner in with the family for Valentine’s Day. 


This was such a fun evening that I think we will do again.  We made filet mignon, thyme potatoes, creamed spinach, and a walnut/cranberry salad (take that Ruth’s Chris).  We also had chocolate dipped strawberries and the boys bought the girls flowers.   We also sipped on sparkling grape juice (note—those little plastic wine glasses don’t last long with little hands--- you know, the ones where the stem pops off the base… bad)




Gemma came in town and insisted we go visit the American Girl store and café in Tyson's.  WOW.  This is what little girls are made of.  Now, we can all agree that these dolls, clothes , ccessories are WAY overpriced…. but the memories, and the dreaming, and the wide eyed excitement.  This is what being a little girl is about.



We decided that if DC wasn’t going to get any snow this winter…


        We would find some!!





     And we did!










While on our Winter retreat with our college students, we took the kids to a kids’ snow village at a ski resort.  Ignore the fact that it was 65 degrees on that Friday… by Saturday it was 42 and FREEZING.  The top of the mountain was in the 30’s and thankfully they have the technology to make snow.  The memories and great pics are too many to post here so they will get a separate post.



Carson finally got to go to an evening event with Daddy on campus at Georgetown!  Most of our weekday campus events don’t start until 9, but Carson heard one Sunday them announce that a meeting was at 8, and he begged to go.  He got to hang with his buddy Tripp Lee, who spoke on “Am I really a Christian?”


Somehow, by BABY turned 3.  Not allowed.  3 is like the right of passage into big kid world.  Slow down little llamas.  Don’t go growing up so fast!


We had an easy, simple yet FUN Pinkalicious party (which I will post about separately) We celebrated this little lady. 


And hung out with the these Capitol Hill cuties!



I made 2 cakes in 1 month…


I have a great recipe tweak to box cake mix that makes the cake moist, springy, and REALLY easy to cut and arrange (if you are trying to make a cool shape)  Just follow the recipe in the link and use the instant pudding flavor that best goes along with your cake mix flavor. 


PS—I have a promised that each of my kids will get at least one awesome cake/amazing party by me at some point in their life.  I am all about simple cupcakes, and store bought Carvel icecream cakes!    Charlotte had hers at 4 with her Cowgirl Party (simply
uh-Mazing).   Carson, buddy… I think this counts for you.


And after all that fun and craziness---  I turned 32.  I have 1 more baby on the way, many more gray hairs, and my blessings just keep overflowing.  We continued the DC tradition of “Birthday Pie” from Dangerously Delicious.  David spoiled me and I felt VERY celebrated and loved!  (and I have a new Kindle Fire to enjoy when those late night feedings come next month!)


So that is where our month has gone….  It has been busy, crazy, and amazingly fun.  I might not have time to blog about all this as often as I want, but I at least I have time to live this grand life of mine.  To love these sweet children, to be loved by this great man, to make all these amazing memories.  This is my life--- and I
am so very Thankful for such a time as this!  God has been so kind to us and we pray He continues to give us many more memories like this!