Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy Fog

I read a great reminder yesterday from Rachel Jones on the Desiring God Blog --- 

She exhorts us Mothers to simply Cling to Christ in the midst of the Foggy Seasons of Mothering.

In the midst of little ones, pregnancy, nursing, calls back to the nursery to get a crying,hungry child, sleepless nights, early mornings, a crazy rushed morning just to get everyone out the door.... it can be hard to feel like we can really engage and fully receive the benefit of the preaching and teaching we get each Sunday.   We can barely stay awake, yet alone engaged.  Take notes?  I can find a crayon, but no way is there a pen in my purse. 

Rachel’s post encourages us all to Cling to Christ.
Cling to the truths that are rooted deep in our hearts.  We may not be able to take a page full of notes, or recite the 5 points that were preached.  However, our identity is not found in this “ability”… our identity is found in Christ.   (See the great points Rachel points out in Romans 7)

I was given great wisdom after I had Charlotte--- to simply seek out 1 truth to take home from the day’s preaching and teaching. Maybe not all of them, maybe not even 2.   Maybe even a nugget of truth or encouragement from a hymn or song.   But just 1 little take away that I could remember.   

I also have learned greatly over the years to turn to my husband in these seasons... and not to feel “less” spiritual or guilty or judged because of the foggy time.   But it helps so much to talk about the sermon, or maybe just listen to him talk about the sermon--- to hear what he thought, learned, etc.  Truly a picture of how our husbands can “wash us in the word”. 

With 3 children ages 6 and under, the fog is still present.  Being Pregnant has brought in the thick fog some more, and I know the heaviest fog is coming soon with the arrival of Baby Boy!    I am so thankful for this reminder that though my mind may be a little foggy, these truths remain the same, and I can cling to them. 

I can cling to Christ!

Praying that in the midst of the Mommy Fog…
you choose to cling to Christ as well.