Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome Back Friends!

Happy January 20th.

Confession— I just uploaded my Christmas pictures to my computer like 5 minutes ago. And I haven’t taken any pictures since Christmas, unless on my phone.   So relive Christmas with us here for a moment. 

Carry on.


So, It’s been a while.  And I have no particular reason.  And I am just fine with that.   It’s not like I just had a baby  (Ironically, I will probably post more after the baby comes to keep all the family appeased with pictures and such).  My computer did not die (though that does remind me, I probably need to do a major system back up before it does).  I am not depressed, and I don’t have writer’s block.   I actually have a lot I could write about.



Truth be told, I have just been being a mama and running a household.  I have been trying to be “busy at home” instead of just plain busy.   That in no way means our household has been in stellar condition, our meals gourmet, or our children supernaturally transformed because of all the love and attention I have given them.   It simply means I have been trying to give myself to the greater cause.   And in doing so, I am finding great satisfaction in my days… great peace in knowing I have tried my hardest to honor God with this great calling of Motherhood.



In the past month I have…
-Been at a National Conference with 5,000 college students, phenomenal speakers, great friends, and no children of my own.
-Had a few amazing conversations with friends and mentors that were like water in the desert. 
-Read some phenomenal articles, blog posts, and books that have really helped me to evaluate my mothering, homemaking, etc
-Taken down all our Christmas decorations
-Hosted a baby shower.
-Moved 3 children into one room, including a toddler into a bed.

2012-01-19 23.16.32(I said 3 children in 1 room… I never said anything about them having their own beds.)

-Began collecting the necessary baby equipment for Baby 4
-Hosted 10 guys to watch some important football game that I knew nothing about.   But I fed them well.
-Realized my children know what Tebowing is.

-Took advantage of some of the unseasonably warm January days we’ve had (but as I speak it is in the low 30’s)
-Gained about 5 lbs… or maybe more.
(It was the holidays… and I am growing a human being you know)
-Been growing my hair out—it helps with the baby weight I am gaining… and enjoying my winter head wrap

2012-01-05 11.13.43
-Washed our pillows and quilts and realized I don’t do this nearly enough. (we might get some new pillows and start from scratch)
-Joined a new meal planning website, which I am loving.
-Continued a meal swap with a friend and neighbor. 
    (I bring her a meal one week, she brings us one the next week)
-Homeschooled my kindergartner.
-Enjoyed a much needed mom’s night out


So… that’s just a little of what’s been going on. 
I haven’t given up on Little Llamas.    Rather, the opposite.  I have been giving myself TO my Little Llamas.  I have said NO to the good, in order to say YES to the best.  I have spent much needed time making choices, evaluating my time, my schedule, my commitments.   I didn’t intend to take a Blog sabbatical, but it certainly turned into that. 

I do still have much to say. Those who know me well, know that to always be the case.  Much is swirling around this mama’s heart, and I am eager to share.   Thanks for being gracious and patient with my absence.  Admit it--- there was a deep void in your life the past month.  Right??  

Well, Welcome back!  Welcome Back to you… and Welcome back to me.  I can’t wait to share more in the weeks and months to come!  So stick around---- life is always fun in our herd of Little Llamas!