Friday, December 9, 2011

Real Life Behind the Scenes of Christmas

In this pinterest world we live in, it is easy to think that everyone's mantle is perfectly decorated with candles lit every morning,


That maybe they do feed their kids waffles on their Christmas China, and that the cute family in the Christmas Card picture really is that adorably dressed all the time. 

Image created by Sarah Danaher with a Canon EOS 5D MkII
A world where Advent devotions get done every night at 6:45 without ever missing, and our children are actually grateful for
this season, not selfish, and eager to be generous.

Where our Christmas trees are perfectly adorned.

IMG_1327And we all just sip our nice holiday drinks while listening to Christmas Classics in nicely candle-lit room…
Just enjoying the Christmas moment.

And our hearts are perfectly centered on the
True meaning of Christmas.



Well, my friends…It’s not true.  We don’t live in Pinterest.
                   We live in real life. 



Where the laundry is thrown ‘round the room without care…


In hopes that a housekeeper soon would appear.

Real life…  Real Decembers.

Yes, I still sip my peppermint mocha and listen to my Josh Groban Christmas CD,--- but not while simply gazing upon the tree… while folding laundry and making grocery lists, and cleaning up hotwheels and baby dolls.  

Real life--
Where you go to get a dozen donuts to take to the local firefighters and your child erupts in a fit of tears because he thought the donuts were for him and he doesn’t want to give the donuts away….  doesn’t it sound like a great Christmas moment about learning generosity? 

Where it’s December 9th, but only 4 of your advent devotion cards are up... We’ll catch up… we’ve got plenty of time.

You won’t find these stories on Pinterest.   And that’s ok.
And it’s why I am just stepping back from some of the blogs and pinterest right now.. with all the advent devotion ideas, and tradition ideas, all the posts and links on all the things, recipes, and activities I must do in order to “make a memory.”

Well… making memories cannot be rushed. And quite honestly, I feel rushed by this world of blogs and facebook telling me how to celebrate, what to teach my kids, and showing me elaborate pictures of all the food and crafts that there is no way I  am going to make.   I mean how are my kids ever going to have a good memory if we don’t A, B, and C?? Will they ever grasp the true meaning of the season if I don’t do X, Y and Z??

And so I resort to my motto of late.

Making Memories cannot be rushed.
   I will not be rushed. 
My children will still grow up having fond memories of Christmas even if I don’t make a wreath out of lollipop sticks, or homemade gingerbread nutella cookies.   I do not have to have the picture perfect Christmas all done by today in order for Christmas to be a memory.   Christmas will not be rushed.  Memories cannot be rushed.

So I decorated my house on December 6th (gasp!).  Have not baked a holiday cookie yet.  We are slowly catching up on our advent devotion.  And we are going to have plenty of time to enjoy this grand season of celebrating the Savior’s birth.   So, internet… I will not allow you to rush me.   I will make myself another cup of Peppermint Mocha and fold my laundry, homeschool my child, buy and wrap some presents.  Find a live nativity to take our kiddos to. 

We will make plenty of memories.  Christ will be celebrated.  My children will remember these days of their childhood with smiles (dear Lord, I pray they will).  

But these memories… they will not be rushed. 
Rather than compare myself, my decorations, my baking, my Christmas card, etc to the rest of the world…
I will do what I can with the capacity God has given me. 

And then I will enjoy my family.  And I will enjoy Christmas. 
Off now to make some memories---