Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Jon

Jon Jon that is…
I had enough of you ask what as Jon Jon was that I had to explain.  And Sadly I don’t have any pictures of some of my favorites.  The summer jon jon without a shirt on underneath. 


I just have a thing about dressing little babies like babies.  Especially boys.   Girls are easy to dress as babies.  But boys… it can be harder.  Personally, I don’t think a baby under 6 months should touch denim, or sweater vests.  That’s just me though.   (if I see your baby dressed in jeans and sweater I will probably swoon all over him just the same)


But for me…I just think this is what a baby should look like.   Swoon. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, my child will wear plenty of carters outfits and shirts and pants….but before 1 year old, I am all about soft cottons and dressing them like a baby.  And the Jon Jon.   


Some call it a shortall, or a longall (if it is long).  Sometimes they are kind of like overalls.

Edited CT Portrat

Or sometimes they are more like a romper one piece.   Oh my word.  I believe everyone needs a blow up picture of their children at 1… because they were SO darn cute then.



Yes, I admit we wore these outfits more for church and nice  events, but we also had some great casual  ones we played in all the time.  And for some reason I can’t find any of those pictures…probably because we were playing and getting dirty and not really taking pictures.


If I could get away with dressing them in Jon Jons forever, I would.  But alas, we don’t live in Alabama or Arkasnas and where we have always lived people look at you a little strange if your child is in a Jon Jon past 3 years old… and Dave kind of gave the veto at 2. 


I think this might have been one of our last Jon Jon outfits before we retired into cute polo collared shirts, button downs, sweaters and khakis. 

I also have a thing for funky and fun cotton layettes.  I know, such a contrast from the traditional smocked or appliqued jon jons.   But a fun Zutano outfit is adorable, and oh so soft to cuddle up to.

Or something super cute and soft like this…  which I may or may not have bought the other day to start off our baby’s wardrobe (when I found it on a super deal site). 

And one of the last things I love for a little baby boy is the sleeper gown.   Yes, a gown for a baby boy.  For at home, for sleeping, for those days when all you do is swaddle, cuddle, nurse and change diapers every hour.  And for when their legs are permanently in a bent position. 

Zutano Circus Gown

Double Swoon…. Especially when it is Zutano and a gown.
I love gowns for newborns.    

So there you go.  You all now know what a Jon Jon is, my aversion for baby boys dressed like grown men, and my love for the infant gown.  And my strange twisted style of traditional and trendy.