Friday, December 2, 2011


Okay…I confess…

The only Advent calendar/devotion I have prepared are the ones where you open a door and eat the chocolate.  I am horrible, aren’t I?  See where my priorities are.  While friends are printing off “Jess Tree” ornaments (or better yet, hand crafting them) I am dreaming of chocolate.    I have devotions, books, our names of Jesus tree, but all are up in storage with the Christmas Decorations.  (I did just find all our christmas movies)


About those Christmas Decorations—They are all still up in storage and honestly I don’t feel like getting them out.   I always feel in the Christmas Spirit after I decorate, but never really get excited about the “hauling it all out” process.    I am a huge decorating procrastinator.


And If I go up into our storage I may have an anxiety attack looking at the few little baby things I kept.  Really… the only baby clothes I have kept are in a box marked “keepsake” which I intend to keep forever for grandkids.  But… I know I will swoon over the few darling little jon jons and coming home outfits in there that this little man will wear.  **FYI—I like to dress my baby boys like babies for at least the first year or so….if you have any jon jons, rompers, or any precious boy layettes, send them my way. If you don’t know what a Jon Jon is, I am so sorry for your deprived upbringing.  

I am wildly excited about having a boy.  While we would have been overjoyed with another sweet girl, we all kind of wanted a boy.   However, I also truly love the girl name we had chosen (it was the only one we were set on… boy name is still in hot debate) 
While dreaming of little boy names, I am also mourning not being able to use our sweet girl name.  Sigh.

I have 1 hamper in our house for 5 people.  That is ridiculous, and stupid.  It overflows every other day.    It is the same hamper we got at a wedding shower in 2002.  I think it’s time for a new Hamper.   Maybe 2.   I just don’t have room for another hamper.    I am about to put 3 kids together in 1 big room… there is not room for a hamper.  Also, I really want a large hamper that has 2 compartments (for lights and darks) and not one of those rolling cart ones that looks all industrial…. this has to sit out in my bedroom.
So instead of “just doing something” about it…. I do nothing, and cry at the over flowing laundry.

We think she is just about the cutest thing in the world.


And lately she has discovered the art of humor.  2 1/2 year old humor is hysterical.  And she hysterically cracks herself up all the time.  And her hysterical laugh is pretty darn cute. 


I have a date tonight and I am so very excited about it.  I love my kids, and I love family time.   But let’s face it… the 5-8pm time block isn’t always the most enjoyable.  But it will be for me tonight as I walk the city streets with my man.  I love a good date night.


And there… I confessed.  I feel so much better now.