Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bring it on!


We love our little herd of 3, but cannot wait to add Baby #4 in April. We were excited to find out what we are having on Monday.
We gave the kids cupcakes with icing on them to tell them what it was….and they opened up envelopes that read BOY!!


We were all thrilled!! All the kids, wanted a boy… maybe we all kind of wanted a boy.  To even things out a bit.  Of course we would have been just as excited with another precious girl, and to be honest I am wildly in love with the girl name we had picked that will now be benched until later use (if there is ever a time for later use). 



But we can’t wait to add another rowdy little guy into the mix!


I mean, how amazing is technology today?  At not even 20 weeks, this little babe is almost fully formed… just growing and growing.
Every time I see an ultrasound picture (mine and others) I am reminded of the amazing process of growing a little life inside of you.  


Little Man….we cannot wait for you to join our family!  You have a big brother who can’t wait to show you the ropes (and for you to get big enough to wrestle on the floor!)  and 2 big sisters who will dote all over you!  And a mommy and daddy who think they are SO very blessed that God gave YOU to us!  What a blessing you are already!  Grow away little babe.. plump up, and join the ranks of Heavy Weight Russell Babies.  However, mommy won’t mind if you decide to break tradition and actually come on or before your due date.  Until then, Snuggle in safely son… 20 weeks to go!