Monday, October 10, 2011

Six Sure is super!

We had a great Girls’ Night Party recently
for Charlotte’s 6th Birthday!


We had a cupcake decorating party…
3 types of icings, 4 colored icing gels,
12 different options of sprinkles.

The final products…


Word to the wise… if you allow 5 six year olds (and a 2 year old) to decorate their own cupcake with absolute creative freedom, you WILL be sweeping up sprinkles and white edible pearls for WEEKS.


Oh, but look at the Joy on those faces about to consume all that the sugary goodness!  Pure Joy!


And what to do with all the sugar consumed??
Dance, Dance the night away….
Until 7:45 when I declared it was “SO late”
and all the mommies would be coming soon!

(inwardly I was singing my own song of “closing time”… so maybe I got into the DJ gig a little too much)



And man, can these little ladies Dance!











I think I like girls nights.  I liked them as a little girl.  I liked them in high school and college.  And I like them now.  And I think I am going to like my little girls growing up (but not too fast) and helping them to have their own girls nights through out the years!