Saturday, October 15, 2011

Date Night!

It is really important in marriage to take the time and get a babysitter to take a Date night.  But it is also important to take Date Nights with your kids!  We did just that this past Monday!


Right after we moved to DC last year, A Chick Fil A opened up near by.  Though it isn’t a free standing store (which means no playground unfortunately) it is close by.   And it is in a more business district, so really famiyl friendly and easy(er) parking on the weekends.    And one of the great things CFA does is host Date Nights for parents to bring their kids to.   And Monday Night was…

So Daddy, got all “hansomed” up and the girls felt SO special going on a date with Daddy.

2011-10-10 16.41.30

They were all ready to go out on the town!
And in my opinion they had the best looking date there,

2011-10-10 16.42.29
Little Ms Pretty, all ready for her date.

2011-10-10 16.42.38

Helen was beside herself and I think she said at one point
”I never been on a date”

2011-10-10 16.43.26

Carson was a great sport… and while we are waiting on Chick Fil A to host one of these soon…

We went out on our OWN Mother/Son date out on the Hill. 
Carson chose to go to a little Hot Dog joint called DC-3, where he got mini dog sliders! But the real reason he chose this place was for the hand spun cotton candy!

2011-10-10 17.33.21

He took a great picture of a mommy eating her YUMMY Italian sausage!

2011-10-10 17.34.18
Both Mommy and Daddy had a fun night making memories with our sweet children.  Taking the time out to enjoy them and celebrate them and remind them what sweet gifts they are to us!

When was the last time you had a date night out
with your child?