Thursday, September 22, 2011

What would it be Like?

I have 3 children and I assure you…I have never looked back and thought… “Man, I wish we’d only had 2” 

I simply can’t imagine our life without these three sweet children. 

However, I do imagine there are many out there who wonder...
            ”What would it be like to have just one more?”
            “Could we really do this again?”
            “Do we dare?”

And I am certain there are those who look back and think 
           “I wish we’d had more.”


I am thrilled to announce that we no longer will be one of those families wondering “What would it be like to have just one more”.  Because our “just one more” is arriving in Late April!

That’s right, dear friends! 


                                   We’re PREGNANT!     

And look at that picture—while it isn’t the best picture, that is a little head and 2 hands popping out.  At 10 weeks.  Isn’t Life amazing??

Thanks for sharing in our joy and for praying for our Little Babe who is being knit together as we speak!!  We are praising God for this sweet gift, and we will surely keep you updated!