Friday, September 23, 2011

Look Who’s Six!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!  I cannot believe you are 6 years old!


It feels like just yesterday we started you on Diet Coke 
(Just kidding…with all the toys we had, mommy’s empty bottle was a favorite. But it is never too early to start a Diet Coke Addict)



You have always been the life of the party.  Hammin’ it up  wherever we are!



You bring sweet smiles to our lives and Joy upon Joy.   Even at a very young age, you proved to be a great big sister…loving and kind and caring.


Your Childlike wonder and adventure bring so much life to our family.



You have shown yourself to be artistic and  very creative.  Always creating some great masterpiece or grand play idea. 


And somewhere along the past couple years you have lost all your baby chubs, and right before our eyes turned into a big girl. 
You are a joy and a delight.  And we are so thankful you are our daughter!  Happy Birthday sweet Charlotte!