Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hoya Saxa!

Hoya Whatsa??   Hoya Saxa!
Our family had a great time at the first home Georgetown football game recently. David is a football chaplain for the team, and delivers a chapel message earlier in the day to the team.

I was so excited to find some kiddie Georgetown gear at a local Target, of all places…so Carson and Helen scored some great gear.  It is a little harder finding a size 6x cheerleader outfit, but Daddy came through at the campus bookstore.


Charlotte, our little Cheerleader, with Georgetown Campus staff Caitlyn and Mandy.


Little Helen with “Chaplain Dave”


Well, we attempted to take a family picture!     












It’s okay that Helen kept saying we were watching baseball.
She still had team spirit.













They really were so cute I had to include all the pictures!  You can’t really tell in these pictures, but Carson is wearing a #1 Jersey.  Which just happened to be the only number Target sold… but it’s the number of a student we know really well that Dave leads in a Bible Study.  Carson was SO excited to wear Isaiah’s Jersey! 











They’ll forgive us for having Panthers pom poms.  I had just dropped some cash on all the cute uniforms…so pom poms will have to wait. 


Yep.  Hoya Saxa!!

Bonus Points to the person who can tell me in the comments what Hoya Saxa means!