Monday, September 26, 2011

Honorable Mentions

These are all Facebook statuses that I almost posted. 
Tweets I thought of in my head, but didn’t really have time to write I rarely tweet anymore.  Or maybe I thought twice about posting them.   Honorable Mentions…Did you ever win an Honorable Mention?  It is a nice way of saying “thanks for trying”. 

-“The Side ponytail.  It’s back and I am rockin’ it.”
I am.  Now that my hair is longer, I find that I prefer a low side pony tail…especially on day 2 of a hairwash.  Side Pony tail.   Call me trendy.  Or stuck in the 80’s. 

-“I need diet coke in my sippy cup now please… says the 2 year old.  Uh…yeah, I don’t think so”
SO…maybe I am a little lax with #3 who has definitely had her fair share of “sips” of Diet coke WAY before any other child did.  But in her sippy cup?  No. 

-“Pregnancy dreams.  If they could bottle this in a drug, someone would make millions. Because these dreams are C-R-A-Z-Y”
Yeah, I thought weird pregnancy dreams came in late 2nd trimester?  But no… they are here in full force.

-“But I WANT to be a cat when I grow up. – The hysterical screams of a 2 year old after she was told she can’t be a cat when she grows up”    She may not be able to be a cat, but she can grow up to drink lots of Diet Coke…just not in her sippy cup. 

-“Someone please tell me I am not the only Mom who still let’s her kids lick the spoon when making brownies or cake.”  I guess I am just living on the edge, or maybe just think moderation is key (aka, not the whole bowl brownie batter) But I am not a bad mom.  I licked the bowl, and lived.  And gosh darn it, I let my kids lick the bowl (a few licks…we have a 2 lick rule)

-“The pumpkin shortage (or so that is what I hear)  is making me want pumpkin even more. And I don’t even usually buy canned pumpkin.”   It’s true--  I am not known for my “made from scratch” creations.  I stick to Pillsbury Pumpkin Bread (and toss in chocolate chips, or nuts,  cream cheese icing, etc.  I also like Betty Crocker’s Pumpkin spice Cookie mix (hard to find, but oh so yummy).  I make Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Pie Mix in a can.  But when something is in high demand or hard to find (like canned pumpkin) it just makes it more attractive.  I am such a follower. 

- “I may or may not have accosted the shelf stocker at Target today when I spotted some Pumpkin Spice creamer in his cart.  I may or may not have reached into his cart without asking, and taken 2 bottles.  And then I told him “I won’t tell anyone else you have this”  He probably thought I was a crazy loon.  And then I hid my pumpkin spice creamer under other groceries so my secret stash wouldn’t be found out.   I take seasonal creamers VERY seriously. 


And now I am hungry for Pumpkin anything and a diet coke…maybe even a pumpkin spiced diet coke.  And I fully expect to have crazy dreams about 2 year olds growing up to be cats with side pony tails.    

And those folks, are my most recent Honorable Mentions.