Monday, August 1, 2011

A Joy and Delight

Children are a Joy and Delight.  A Heritage. 
                Precious blessings. Fruit of my womb. 


Someone didn’t get the memo today.

As this little one woke screaming for Daddy (because I was the last person she wanted) she surely was not full of Joy, and didn’t seem like much of a delight if I am honest.  Yet seeing isn't always believing is it?   I was sharing with my husband the other night that it’s hard sometimes to read those verses about what blessings children are.  That they are a rich reward, and bring joy and delight… when honestly, the days can be really really hard. 

I don’t put my head on the pillow many nights and proclaim “What a delightful day it’s been”.  Rather I cry out to God to give me the strength to be able to do this, and to mother these 3 little children in a way that would honor Him.

But I know and believe that what God says about these sweet children is true.   They are blessings.  Miracles.  And they do bring me SO much Joy.   And I am comforted by the never changing character of God that loves me even when I am not much of a joy or delight.   His love is steadfast, and never-failing.  He is always present, knows all, is sovereign over all things.  He sees me when I selfishly choose the poor choices.  He sees my heart that cries for someone else instead of Him.  He sees my grumpiness, discontentment, jealousy over others. 

If I am honest with myself and you… there are many days that I am not a Joy and a Delight.  Yet God still says he rejoices over me with gladness. I am challenged by my God… who loves is unwavering.

So when these “precious blessings” act far from joyful, I will choose to believe that indeed they are a rich reward from God.  A sweet gift from Him.  Perhaps even a gift to show me how vast His Love is for even one like me. 

Oh, that I would bestow upon my children the same kind of patient and steadfast love that our Father has lavished on me. 


Yes Indeed.

Children ARE a Joy and Delight.  A Heritage. 
                Precious blessings. Fruit of my womb.