Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hugs for Bugs

Long ago, this little one somehow earned
the nickname Henny Buggy

And it stuck.  She has been called…
The Hen, Henny, The Bug, Buggy


Recently she climbed up in my lap,
and declared “Hugs for Bugs!”


And hugs she got!
I responded with “Kisses for misses, Tickles for pickles”


I love the little games you can play with children.  Little cuddle time games that turn into traditions, that turn into memories.   Then one day they grow up and turn 4 and your no longer do those funny little games any more…   I think you should always write these things down, because even though you think you will never forget them, you just do.   I recently realized I hadn’t sung “I love you when you’re happy”  to Carson in a LONG time.   We sang it last night and he had the biggest bed time smile. 

And now… I am off to Hug a Bug.