Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to the MOB!

Yes, I am in the MOB. 

The Moms of Boys Society that is!  Though being a mom of a boy certainly does feel like I am in the Mob on many days.     
I am joining in today on the first annual Boy Mom Blog Hop
If you are visiting from the MOB Blog Hop, welcome to Little Llamas!  I would love for you to stay a while and check out my blog and my rowdy herd of Little Llamas! 

Little Llamas is all about life with our family.  We talk all sorts of things from parenting, to products, faith and devotional thoughts, an occasional how-to.  Sometimes silly with a dose of much needed mommy humor, and often serious…hoping to encourage and challenge my fellow laborers in motherhood. 

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And now on to all that Boy talk---
Meet my Little Wild Bull, Carson. 

Oh, how I love him.  And oh, how he gives me a run for my money. 
Always on the go…and never a dull moment with this sweet boy.

IMG_0367    IMG_0189
(please note, he has the same shirt on in all 3 pictures and I am pretty sure these were on 3 different days… can you say favorite shirt??)
This little man keeps us laughing with knock knock jokes, tricks, and all around silliness 24/7.  Unable to say his “R’s” at the ripe old age of 4 1/2,  he sometimes sounds like a Bostonian.  I will miss his R-less accent as he gets older.

IMG_0211  IMG_0229  IMG_0254

He is a great brother to his 2 sisters, Charlotte and Helen and we constantly are working with him on his role as a brother to love and protect his sisters. 


He has taught me much.  He is proof that children are little sponges… he is truly amazing at scripture memory and grasps concepts in the Bible very quickly.  I see the importance of my role as his mother in shaping his heart and leading him in the way he should go.

Some of Carson’s Favorite books --

Long Story Short is a great family devotional that Carson has really enjoyed.  I am constantly shocked at the concepts he is learning and remembering.  The Christopher Churchmouse Series are great stories that teach Biblical principles and character qualities.  You have to buy these used (I think) but they are great stories for teachable moments.  They are also a great step into longer stories for little ones--- not quite a chapter book, but fewer pictures.  We have really enjoyed these treasures! 

Thanks for joining me and the MOB Society
for this Boy Mom Blog Hop!

This site has been such an encouragement to me, and I encourage any Moms of Boys to subscribe and soak in all the wisdom from our fellow Moms of Boys.  I have even done a guest post over there and look forward to doing more in the future. 

“They will be called Oaks of Righteousness…
a Planting of the Lord for the Display of
His Splendor.” 
                                                            Isaiah 61:3b

None of us really know what we are doing raising these wild boys.  But what we do know, is God’s word.  It is planted deep in us, and I long to plant it deep in the heart my son (and daughters too!)  It is my prayer that as I mother this sweet boy… even with the multitude of mistakes I will make… that these seeds planted will grow to produce an Oak of Righteousness.