Friday, July 1, 2011


That is what I heard the other day come out of this sweet little
5 1/2 year old’s mouth… LOL. 



We were walking back to our car from the pool, and she said
“That’s hilarious Carson… LOL”

“What did you just say” I gasped back to her.  
“Uh…. I don’t know… LOL?”
(giggly as if she was just caught sneaking a cookie)


”Do you even know what that means?”


(as she erupts in giggly laughter, clearly cracking herself up”
”but it sure sounds hilarious

Story of my life. 
This girl makes me LOL on a daily basis.

Better than any of it…
Later when I ask her to tell daddy what she said earlier
when she thought something was so funny, she said…

”Um… SOS?” 
SOS, LOL…. they both apply I think. 


And before you question my parenting (well, go on, question it)
she didn’t learn this on Hannah Montana or some tween show. 
We have boundaries, you know—they don’t watch those shows.  She heard it on Veggie Tales Larrry Boy.   LOL.