Saturday, July 2, 2011

I’ll shoot ya an email…

Call it what you may…..
Mini Bloggers in Training


Homeschooling at it’s best.  HA!




Charlotte was the little mastermind behind getting everyone to sit at the table and “work” on their computers.
It made me laugh for 15 minutes.


On a related note? We don’t own any handheld gaming devices yet.  We have Tag Readers, which we love

I cannot recommend this product enough for the pre-reader and early reader.  It has kept my children entertained for hours.
     (well, for more than 20 minutes….which in mommy-talk is HOURS)


And we have the Tag Writer

It helps children to learn and practice writing their letter and numbers.  It is fun, but I was a little disappointed my kids didn’t like it more. 

So---- what handheld gaming system do you recommend??

The Leapster Explorer

Or the VTech Mobigo

Or any other options (other than a Nintendo DS) that I missed??

**And a note—they are 4 1/2 and almost 6 (and 2, but she doesn’t get one) and we don’t have any game system like Wii handhelds.