Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A or B


wake up and spend time in Gods word 
         or hit snooze a few times

wake up and spend time in God’s word
          or go for a run

do morning devotionals with my kids
          or send them off to watch PBS kids

sit and read books
           or clean up the kitchen

take a shower 
            or make dinner

go to the pool
          or go run errands

fold the laundry
            or help my kids do a craft

go to the grocery store
           or go to the park

I am constantly faced with choices.  Choices between things that all need to get done…or at least things that I want to get done.  Today was one of those days.  I made the choice to take my kids to the pool, forsaking any errand running….errand that need to get done.  We came home, ate lunch, and all the children got a bath. 

It was 2:30 and I finally got Helen down for nap.  And I was faced
with the choice of what was most important to do. 

I needed to:

  • Take a shower myself and get ready
  • sweep the downstairs and mop the kitchen
  • empty our play pool
  • fold a load of laundry, run another load
  • figure out what we were eating for dinner
       (poor planning on my part)
  • Empty and load the dishwasher
        ended up emptying trash too
  • Clean up the house “enough” so my husband didn’t think wild animals had destroyed it.  (we call it the 5:30 scramble)
  • Make dinner – eat by 5:45
  • Be ready to leave house by 6:45 for church

I also wanted to:

  • Read to the kids
  • Engage the kids in an activity
  • Not allow the kids to watch 3 hours of TV

So I had 4 hours… and choices to make.  What to do now while Helen napped?  (She is quite the clingy girl post nap) What can be put off till tomorrow?  Is it bad to let my kids watch one more show? 

I don’t even know where I am going with this post.  It could go a million different directions.  All I know is I wonder if I am the only one who is torn by choices I have to make daily?  I want it all… I want to do it all… I want to be it all.  And I just can’t. 

I want to run, have a quiet time, and get ready all in the morning and I just can’t.

I want to spend super quality time engaging my kids in activities and lengthy story times.  

I want a clean house.  I need groceries.  My husband would appreciate clean sheets.

I NEED to go to Target (can I get an amen). 

And don’t get me started talking about how in the world this looks when you start homeschooling?

Ahhh… choices.  Yes, I had choices to make today.  And I made them.  By faith I made them.  My yes was yes and my no was no.  We swam, and we played, we read on the couch.   Our red room is a mess because crafty kids got busy making costumes out of posters paper.  Showers were taken, dinner was made, clothes were folded, kitchen cleaned…. So what if the floors weren’t swept.  So what if I didn’t get to buy groceries or new shampoo. 

I made choices.  And today… I can say I made the right ones. 
And right now, I am choosing to go to bed.   Tomorrow will come all too soon with a whole new set of choices to make. 

Choose wisely my friends!