Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There’s a Hole in Your Smile!

We were driving down our alley Monday morning, when all of sudden I hear spitting from the back seat. 
    “Something’s in my mouth!” And more spitting. 

“Is that a tooth?” Carson asks.
“No, it’s not a tooth Carson!”  Charlotte responds (not too nicely)

I slam on the breaks, flip around and scream
       “Smile—show me your teeth”….


And this was the cute little snaggle tooth grin looking back at me! 
It was indeed a tooth… and it had just fallen out all by itself !
More shrieks of joy were heard by all of us, as this rite of passage was happening right before my very eyes.   And we celebrated this monumental milestone right there in the Alley.



It had been wiggly for a while, but didn’t seem that close to coming out.  I guess I was expecting it to be hanging on by a thread.


And for all the inquiring minds that were curious… Yes, the Tooth Fairy DID make an appearance at our house!


While we may not do Santa or the Easter Bunny, as we don’t want our children to be distracted from the TRUE celebrations of those Holidays… We see nothing wrong with a little childhood magic. 
A Fairy that retrieves teeth and leaves behind treats is in no way going to confuse our children about deep theological issues and Doctrine. 

And let’s face it… our kids are smart cookies.  This little game will probably only last one year.   The “Birthday fairy” also comes to our house (and decorates the halls for each child’s birthday) and already they know it’s me.  Yet, we still play and now Charlotte joins in the fun of being the Birthday fairy for the younger ones. 


So…back to Tooth Fairy.

A letter was written… all by herself.  (I spelled the words out and she wrote it all)  I think it was the sweetest little note ever.

IMG_0119Magic was experienced. 
The Tooth Fairy in all her glory came and left behind some treats and a trail of glitter….her magic dust, you know.

Milestones were celebrated.  Mommy maybe cried just a tad at the realization that this toothy toothless grin is growing up.
               Growing up, all too Fast.


What a fun time celebrating this first lost tooth!