Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some moms like to sleep in on Mothers day…. But I chose to get up at 6:00 am… and nothing was a better mother’s day present than being able to sit with my cup of coffee and read my Bible until….

Wait for it…..

That’s right--  no one woke until 7:00. 
Now that’s not a huge deal for the big kids.  But the early riser (rhymes with melon), who is not always the most pleasant of breakfast companions….actually slept until 7:30. 
           Thank you, thank you dear sweet child.

But at 7:00 I heard the quiet pitter patter loud thumping down the stairs and Charlotte directing “and then we will jump about and sing Happy Mother’s Day..okay, GO!”  It was precious to listen to them. 

After the hugs and cuddles and “Happy Mother’s Day” song and dance…. they slipped right into their morning routine and asked what was for breakfast.  Now, being that I choose not to sleep in, it was somewhat hard for Daddy to plan a breakfast in bed… but this smart mom had already outwitted them.  I had laid out muffins, strawberries, a plate and tray and let the kids go to town in bringing Me breakfast on the couch. 
Nothing like telling a 4 year old they can pour the OJ themselves that gets them all excited.


Charlotte delivering my Orange Juice


I mean, look at the grin on that face.
He is was so excited to bring the tray in…
And I was so excited he made it all the way!


The Chefs extraordinaire!
I then was greeted by more sweet surprises from David…
Delish Godivas… and a photography lesson!


Loving all the Love I got today!


So thankful to mother these 3 Little Llamas!

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him. 
                      Psalm 127:3