Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parenting Resources

I shared recently on Facebook that I was gathering my thoughts concerning some discipline issues with the children… and a handful of people asked about the resources I use. 

Of course, the Bible would be the main resource, and thankfully some wise people have gone before me and pulled together some fabulous resources to use in parenting.    I really believe that in addressing discipline issues with children we should strive to use Biblical language, but in the moment I admit I do not always know exactly what to say or what verses apply to the situation. 


The following resources are not books on parenting or methods of discipline.  We have some favorite books on parenting and discipline and would love to share more about that with you.

But these are Some of my favorite resources with practical help for addressing discipline issues ---

Wise Words for Moms


This is the chart that is mentioned in Don’t Make me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman.    There is a shorter version of this chart  in the appendix of the book, but this chart for $5 has been great to help me pinpoint a behavior, the heart issue, and scripture to talk about it…


Parenting with Scripture


Parenting With Scripture is a goldmine.  Somewhat of a parenting concordance, it goes topic by topic and has a page addressing almost every discipline/heart issue out there.   The book lists verses, then questions for discussion with your child, application, activities to do etc.  You can apply it to small children or use this with children all the way up to middle or high school.   It has some short verses and some longer passages.  This has also been super beneficial for ME.  Because as I am teaching me children about patience, or complaining, or consider others better than ourselves…I find I am learning right along with them.

Proverbs for Parenting

And this great book is just what it says.  It is simply a collection of proverbs that are grouped together in different topics.  Proverbs for daughters, sons, for character, for work, etc.   There are no application questions, just simply verses.  But organized differently than Parenting With Scripture.  Again, a great resource when I need a little help in helping me to shape and nurture these little hearts. 


So these are a few of the go-to resources I use in helping me to shepherd these Little hearts and minds.  At this age, they are such little sponges and I find my children can memorize principles (catechisms) and scripture memory verses SO much easier than I can.  Right now I am trying to figure out a way to display the verses we have learned so we can review them (without plastering them all over our dining room wall).  I am thinking a large sketch pad that is spiral bound, using as a chart and printing the verses out and pasting them to the pages.  Suggestions??