Thursday, April 28, 2011

A White House Memory

It was a normal Monday morning, lazing around the house, recovering from an Easter Eggstravaganza of a weekend, starting laundry, and making my grocery list. We were about to venture out to my all time favorite store the HT, when the phone rang. 

10:15---- Phone rings.
“We got an extra group ticket to the White House Easter Egg Roll.  Would you guys like to go?It is for the 12:00 group.”

I frantically start thinking about how we could make this work.  I mean the kids are dressed, but not appropriately dressed for the White House.   They are dressed for the Harris Teeter.
I tell the friend we’ll call them right back, and discuss it with Dave.   
          I mean surely we’ll get tickets another year.  
         And the ticket was only for 4 so he wouldn’t be able to go  
         And can I really get all of us ready to go in time??
         And what about our groceries?

We had tried to get tickets through Easter Egg Roll Lottery and didn’t get selected this year.  Did you know that anyone can enter the lottery for tickets to both the Easter Egg roll and the Christmas Tree Lighting?   Well, anyone can enter, which means a lot of people get declined tickets…. but you can also get them through a House/ Senate member.    So I am thinking that surely we’ll get a ticket next year or the next…. but what I have come to learn over the past couple days is that it is extremely hard to get tickets. 

So, I am SO thankful for my (usually not impulsive) husband, who realized in the moment that we should not pass this opportunity up. 
He quickly helped me to get the children re-dressed, packed us up, and dropped us off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.



We waited in a LONG line to enter the gates into the White House lawn….It was hot and there were over 5,000 people all waiting for our 12:00 entrance time.


The children did great waiting, and the Parks and Rec staff had ample drinks and snacks available to appease antsy little people


After about an hour of waiting, we finally made it through the welcome gates, and up onto the grassy lawn we went.


A small private affair, it was not.  But it sure was fun!


We frolicked and played on the White House lawn,
in awe of the great masterpiece in the backdrop
and in awe of the great nation it represents.


We met another family with 3 children,
and we swapped cameras and took photos for each other.


I may or may not have bribed my children to smile nicely
for this picture… or else.


What sweet pictures capturing a special memory!


It was such a fun experience… and one we will remember forever!


Pictures were taken

Eggs were rolled
(well actually they weren’t… my kids were more interested in other activities than actually rolling an egg)

Games were played

Naps were missed

Much water was consumed

Cheeks and shoulders were burned
(yes, I am that mom who forgot to put sunscreen on her kids)

Souvenir Eggs Treasured

Long lost
friends hugged
Yes, while standing in line we found out some of
our Greensboro friends were there too!  We thought we’d never run into them in the mass crowds, but we somehow we found them!

And most of all…
Hearts were thankful for a great opportunity to make a memory!



And as always, Mr. Jokester makes it lively for us all!
So thankful for this great city we live in and the fun memories our children will have of growing up here. 

Thanks for sharing in our White House Adventure!

If you want a great book
to introduce your kids to the White House, I highly recommend 
the book Woodrow, the White House Mouse

It is where our children first heard about the White House Easter Egg Roll, along with all sorts of facts about the White House

The book is a favorite around here!  There is also….

House Mouse, Senate Mouse
Courthouse Mouse
and Woodrow for President.

What great fun stories to help introduce our children to politics, government and the principles our great nation was founded on!
We may not always understand or agree with the way our government is run, or decisions that are made… but one thing we firmly desire is for our children to grow up with a healthy honor and respect for the government and authorities God has placed to lead our country.


And all that brought to you from the
cutest little press secretaries ever!