Thursday, April 7, 2011

When in the City…

Stroll as the city dwellers stroll. 

I learned quickly upon moving to DC and attempting to walk the brick sidewalks that the word “Graco” is a foreign word here.  No offense to the one of the top baby conglomerates in the served me well through 2 babies.

But here on these sidewalks, those stroller systems just don’t cut it.   You need something with good tires, comfy seating, easy folding.  You need to be able to push it with one hand. 

It became very clear to me that strollers I once thought were luxury strollers, are necessity strollers here.  Here, these strollers are some people’s second car.  For some people, it is their only car. 

For us, we stuck with the sit and stand for a few months while working with our big kids on walking city sidewalks.  I felt our older 2 were too big for us to get a double stroller, but I needed a better stroller for Helen. 

I came across a brand that has been around forever, but I really only ever knew them for their Jogging Strollers.


We ended up with a Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller…
And we LOVE  it! To read a complete review of this stroller,
head on over to my Review Site