Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

~~ 1 ~~

Charlotte has a loose tooth.  I don’t know why, but this loose tooth makes me all teary eyed.  Like it is some passage into Big Kid World that I am not sure I am ready to embark on.   How did she get SO big SO fast?  It was probably just a little over 5 years ago that she cut her first tooth. 

And now that little tooth is about to fall out.  And for some reason I just want to cry about it.  And it’s my blog… so I’ll cry if I want to.


~~ 2 ~~

Something is seriously wrong with you when you decide you love a Starbucks commercial, when you don’t even love Starbucks all that much. (there, I confessed…I don’t really like starbucks coffee all that much—too bitter for me) 
            But I do love coffee…and this commercial.

I don’t know.,’s something about the song I think.  
“We get up early just to start crankin’ the generator
Our limbs have been asleep,
     we need to get the blood back in em”

I think this is what I feel at 6:00 am. 

With my… 
Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Blend Coffee mixed with more artificial creamer than a person should probably consume in one cup
nice hot cup of coffee. 

Crankin’ the generator… just me, my coffee, and my Bible.

~~ 3 ~~

My kids are funny.  They are some of the silliest kids I know. 
They are constantly skipping, jumping, singing, humming, making up silly songs, which lead to multiple wardrobe changes, often resulting in half dressed children running around.   We are that family that laughs at each other when someone walks into a wall.   They sometimes call me Connie… not really sure why. 
Like, I say “Put your shoes away” and get “YES Connie” in return. 
           Want to guess which joker started this?? 

One child has even created a song
         “Mommy, Coffee- Mommy, Coffee” 

So, yeah---I don’t have those sit in a corner quiet type of kids….      
             My Kids are Hilarious.

IMG_6507   IMG_2123

                    Hmmm….. Wonder where they got that from. 
                                       Maybe from Mr. Serious?


~~ 4 ~~

3 is the new 2.  In children that is. 


I know over a dozen people who have recently made the jump to 3 children.   It makes me feel a little not so special any more. 

I mean, now I am no longer a “role model” since all my token 2 kid friends are having a 3rd.   Now I am just another mom with 3 kids.  That leads me to the next group of friends who are ALL on #4.  Peer pressure is real people.  And there is something about your friends all having a 4th baby, that makes you feel a little like a “light weight” for only having 3.   And maybe if I have a 4th I would be a role model again for all my token 3 kid friends since having 3 kids is SOooo easy.  And obviously I would be a role model since I am SO mature.  But seriously… peer pressure in the reproductive realm is real… and I’m feeling it.


~~ 5 ~~

Sick… we’ve been sick in this house.  Charlotte came down with a brutal stomach bug Late Wednesday night.  And it hit me Sunday morning (I am feeling much better this morning).  Pray for us as we disinfect our house, run 10 loads of laundry, and clorox wipe every surface we have.. pray that the plague has left our home and no one else falls victim. 


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I am linking up today with Miscellany Monday hosted by my friend Carissa over at lowercase letters.  Since my life is filled with SO much Miscellany--- I often think of silly little things and think
“I should blog about that”  but they aren’t really worthy of a whole post.