Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Traditions

As I finish pulling down my Easter Activities today  (I really should have been more on the ball with this) I thought I would link back to some favorite posts explaining how we celebrate The Resurrection with our family.

Easter Tomb

Throughout the year, one of the main “searches” that brings people to my Blog is “Resurrection Play set”.  Though I have beseeched Little People (twice) on behalf of all moms everywhere, they have not listened.   So, forget a Little People Resurrection Playset…. and Make your own.
         See here how much our kids have enjoyed it!


Lenten Lights

Easter (21)
We love to decorate our table with Lenten lights (we celebrate the week before Easter) It is a great way to anticipate that great day of Resurrection!

Jelly Bean Prayer

brach's assorted jelly eggs

I love putting together little goody bags of Jelly Beans with this
Jelly Bean Prayer in it.  It is a great favor for preschool classes.


Great Devotional Books

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter

Check out some of my favorite Devotional books leading up to Easter.  No time to order these books this year?  Spend the next few weeks reading through amazing scriptures that show old testament prophecies and how they were fulfilled.  

Rocks in the Basket


We began a new tradition last year called Rocks in the Basket that I really loved.   It was a great visual to talk to our kids about sin, and why Jesus’ death pays the penalty for our sin.   Check out how our Baskets turned out and how curious and into it my kids get!  Check out both links above to get a better feel for how to do these baskets.

Empty Tomb Rolls

We tried one year to do the Empty Tomb Cookies, but they were a little too Complex (something about me and meringue that never works out).  Instead, I found I loved the Resurrection Rolls from Courtney over at Women Living Well .  She posted it last year too and that is where we got the idea from.   We still incorporate much of the scripture references as we do it though.
      *I don’t think either of these women are the originators of the above ideas, but it is where I found the ideas from.  It is so hard to credit “traditions” unless they are clearly in a book or someone’s original idea.

The Gospel

I think most of all, as we prepare for Easter, and celebrating the Resurrection… we must meditate on the Gospel and ask ourselves the hard question of “Do I really believe this?”   For if we do not truly believe this great sacrifice that was made on our behalf, all these celebrations are in vain.  


I pray you have a meaningful few weeks leading up to Easter and Celebrating the Resurrection with your children!



I am linking this post up over with Impress Your Kids where dozens of bloggers are linking up Easter ideas.  Go and link up your own and get some great ideas from others.