Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wild will be made Tame

Even though this guy is wild, and crazy, and usually running the opposite direction from me…

IMG_0103     IMG_0105

I love how his favorite thing to do is take pictures with me.

IMG_0106    IMG_0110

“Let’s take a pick-chuh”
(in his semi northern semi British accent)


He wants to get in the picture, then he proceeds to take pictures of anything in our house.


But mainly likes to take pictures with me. 
I don’t complain.


He has no clue it is my way to get sweet kisses and cuddles from him.  And he doesn’t want me to know how much
he really loves all the kisses and cuddles.


But despite his tough guy persona and his “all boy” energy…
He is one sweet fella!


And I will sneak these kisses and cuddles from him as long as I can!