Monday, March 21, 2011

I hired a maid

Oh, how I wish that were true!


But I do say it’s never too early to have little people pitch in

IMG_7727    IMG_7736

Especially when a certain little person’s favorite things to do include putting clothes in the washer, emptying the dishwasher,
and wiping down a table.


This little lady loves to help her mommy. 
And I am thankful for her help. 

What chores can you begin including your little ones in?

I admit I do way too much for my kids. 
But some of the things I have them do are the following:

~ Emptying the dishwasher –start with all the silverware
                           (after you remove the knives of course)

~Sorting the socks and undies from the clean laundry

~Taking plates and cups to the sink (it’s never too early to start)

~Wiping down anything with a clorox wipe. 

~Putting their dirty clothes in the hamper

~Having places for things so they know where it goes then doing a 5 minute clean sweep and have them go to town putting things away.

~Have routines—ours is “Shoes in the Basket, Jackets on the hook” and even Helen does this out of habit now.

Never underestimate what your little people can do.

I will never forget eating dinner at a friend’s house (I think when Charlotte was just a baby) and watching her 2 oldest children (then just 3 and 4) take their plates to the sink.   I think they left a trail of crumbs behind them, splashes of milk dropping on the floor, maybe even a fork being thrown away in the trash…

And my friend just smiled and said “they have to start some day”

So let’s start today!
Maybe we can’t all hire maids…
But let’s include these little people in the work we have to do.