Monday, March 7, 2011

The Baby

When Charlotte was 2, I had an 8 month old. 

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When Carson was 2 I had a newborn.



And now my Baby of the bunch, Helen, has just turned 2…

And she is the baby.   There is no baby after her (for now at least)* 
This having a 2 year old without a baby is new territory for me. 

I find that I baby her way more than the others.

At 16 months old Charlotte was walking into church, the store, etc holding our hand--- because we had a baby carrier in the other arm.  I moved both Charlotte and Carson to Big kid Beds at 20 months.  Helen is still holding it down in her crib. 



People say the “baby” of a family will do things faster, talk more, etc.  While I sometimes find that to be true, I have to say I am not sure I agree.    Maybe if your children are spaced more that is true.    Yes--I find Helen wants to do things the big kids do—eat in a real chair, use a big cup, watch shows with them, play with big kid toys.  In that aspect… yes, she seems bigger. 

But we baby her.   Because she’s our baby.

I carry her so much more than I carried either of them at 2.  I don’t require her to “speak” as much.   Though I realized I was doing it and am trying to make her “use her words” more.    But I baby her.  I needed the others to be big kids, because there was a baby after them.  But Helen, She is the baby.   And I kind of love it.


So, Happy Birthday to the Baby!
May you always be as sweet and precious,
Never grow up, little one!  Always be my baby!

*No, this isn’t a hint at anything. Promise.