Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcoming Spring with Cheerios

We had a glorious day the other day… temperatures peaked in the high 40’s.  We decided to forego jackets and enjoyed the nice almost-spring day. 

I had visions of warm days and dreams of long playtimes at the park, flowers blooming and birds chirping. 

What better way to welcome in spring and all the furry creatures it brings out, then to make homemade ornament birdfeeders.

Cheerios (lots of them)
Pipe Cleaners

IMG_9157     IMG_9161

These Little Llamas were ready for Craft time.


First make sure each child has their OWN bowl of Cheerios.
If you have children, you know this is an important step

IMG_9201     IMG_9169

This was also a great time to mix craft time and snack time!


Next. let each child pick what color pipe cleaner they want.


Then get them stringing the cheerios on the pipe cleaner


This is great for fine motor skills
(Like for little boys who don’t quite hold their pencils correctly)


Keep Stringing...
We counted along the way.

IMG_9178   IMG_9191
And snacked, and strung…
And kept going…


Remind yourself that you are Feeding Young Minds… and Hearts.
And apparently, tummies. 


This little guy was SO into this activity.


Finally…The Fruits of our labor!


We made circle and straight ornament birdfeeders
And I think they turned out great!

IMG_9182    IMG_9183

And we definitely stopped to snack often along the way…
Charlotte tried to convince me to make a Cheerio necklace and Bracelet like the Candy ones… But I didn’t think biting on a pipe cleaner with metal inside it was the best idea.


Ready to go adorn the tree out front


It was quite a chilly day today…
Not feeling much like Spring.


But we hung our ornament bird feeders anyway
Praying that birds would come, and bring spring with them!


So, when spring finally does come our way, we have our
Cheerio Ornament Bird Feeders waiting for all our spring friends!

What are you doing to get ready for Spring??

It is currently snowing.  I guess we can at least dream of Spring! 


I am a a member of the Cheerio Blogger Circle.  I was not compensated in any way to write this post.  I was asked to create a Breakfast or Springtime experience my family would love.