Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, the Birthday Boy!

Carson had a great time turning 4. 
I took down the streamers and balloons from the Birthday Fairy yesterday, and he groaned “But it’s still my BIRTHDAY” 


Sorry Buddy— but it’s over.  Birthday Fairy will return next year.
The Birthday festivities began last weekend when the Grandparents came in town and Grandmommie made Diego cupcakes… and we ate one every night all week long.


We had round 1 of presents last week…
Then the birthday boy got his special Daddy-Kid time Birthday date!


He was surprised by a trip to the TOP of the
Washington Monument.
Charlotte got to do this when she turned 5
and it was Carson’s turn this time. 


He had a great time, but David and I laughed later that the kids get more excited about the “idea” of doing something sometimes than actually doing it. 


I think Carson loved the attention and Special Daddy time,
but wasn’t terribly impressed by the Big Stone tower on the Mall.
Though it still remains his “very favorite monument”, and we will remind him when he is older of this great experience


In lieu of a party we did a special family outing to
the one, the only…




Where kids are in heaven, and Parents leave wondering
“what were we thinking?”
The kids had a blast though… and it was a great way to celebrate!

IMG_9110    IMG_9119

And then we got home to Carson’s last present… a Guitar
He has been wanting a big boy guitar (not a baby one)
I wasn’t quite ready to give him an acoustic one with strings…
So I landed on a toy electric guitar that actually plays
a bearable tune.  And boy is he loving it.

Happy Birthday Buddy!
We love the 4 year old you!