Monday, February 28, 2011

Llama Links

Here are a few links to get your Monday Started!
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12 Years Old

In 7 years I will have a 12 year old.   Read from these parents the challenge to prepare our children to live for Christ---  because we all die… and for some that comes at 12 years old.   This really stirred my heart to consider how I am instructing my children.   Are they getting the Gospel? 


Walking the Red carpet

Remember the post I wrote in the fall about the Real Housewives of DC?  Check out Courtney over at Women Living Well shared about her recent walk on the“red carpet”.  All of you fellow moms will surely relate.


Win a Great Sign

I am extending the Giveaway with The Peanut Paintshop for a few days.  So head on over, laugh about my obsession with signs, and comment for a chance to win your very own.