Monday, February 7, 2011

Knock on the door, Someone’s turning 4!

Weren’t we just here…


Soaking in all your sweetness.
(yes, my babies were all born with dark hair and tan skin)
You were our surprise baby… and God knew exactly what he was doing when He gave YOU to us!

-IMG_0924 glow 2

Oh what fun you were at 1!
Little Did I know, it had all just begun…
Once you started walking at 10 months,
the world was your playground.



Wild and crazy at 2,
“Go, go, go” described you.


Big Time Three,
Giving me a run for my money.


Wait, there’s more…
Cause today you are 4!

Happy 4th Birthday Carson!

We love you and are so excited to celebrate YOU today!  You are a fun, wild little boy who loves to run and climb.  And can turn anything into a bat, sword, or gun.   You love to get your “wiggles out” and are always looking for something to do.   You are smart…really smart. You memorize a ton of verses, ask great questions, and love solving problems.  You love to cook with mommy, and love to eat.   You are definitely an athlete.   You are a great (most of the time) brother to your sisters.  

And best of all, you still love your mommy, and still love my cuddles and kisses…which makes me super happy.  You love to say “kiss me a lot of times” (in your boston accent) and I kiss you until you giggle.     

We love who God has made you to be,
and are so thankful for you today!  Happy Birthday Buddy!