Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here’s your sign!

I have a thing for signs


I have a sign in our play room that says LAUGH… because sometimes when you walk into the destruction that has just happened in less than 20 minutes the only thing you can do is LAUGH.   Laughing is better than yelling, right?


I got these signs for Christmas one year…or maybe it was my birthday.  I don’t remember.  But they are great reminders of what it is we are doing here.  Love. Live. Laugh. Family. Friends.  
                               This house is about those things. 

Words.  Bring life.  There is just something about the written word that speaks to me more than any picture or image. 

I have a giant “R” in our living room.


This is actually a picture of the “R” in our old house where it lived in my kitchen.  I loved that little corner!  And you can see my affection for signs only gets worse at Christmas. 


I have a plate that is also somewhat of a sign in our Dining room that perhaps kicked it all off back in 2002.  A wedding present from a dear friend, and a sweet reminder of the Lord’s great call on our lives.


And I have these whimsical signs in my kitchen…


IMG_9270 And I consider myself a pretty good cook (wink, wink)

And in case you forget what you do in the kitchen…we’ve got this.


Then I found a new friend…Erin is actually married to an old childhood friend, and she lives in the greatest land of all… the Lowcountry of SC.  

And you know what she does in all her spare time?
      (with 2 boys full of energy I don’t know how she has spare time)

She paints signs. 



And ironically, she grew up in Greensboro .  So a few years when she hosted a “trunk show” in Greensboro for her sign company, The Peanut Paintshop , I was so excited to go!  And then my obsession with painted signs reached it’s all time high as I walked into this living room adorned with the cutest signs ever. 

I bought this sign right there to pull out for Thanksgiving. 
It is the perfect unique decoration for fall…and while it did go down for Christmas, I have currently pulled it out again. 
(This sign is 6x12)  Because shouldn’t we be thankful all year round?


And then I special ordered this one to remind me to fill our home with the Fruit of the Spirit every day. I was in the middle of writing a blog series on the Fruit of the Spirit.   I love this reminder… 

(This sign is actually quite big…12x24.  
And this picture doesn’t do the sign justice at all. )


And I just mentioned Tuesday that a certain verse was really encouraging me to persevere in my days with joy…so I decided it was worthy of a sign.  The index card just wasn’t cutting it.

So I emailed Erin and gave her creative liberty (I totally trust her opinion)  She knows that I love anything with black and white, and a mix of traditional and whimsy.  And Erin happens to love traditional whimsy as well, and has a special affinity for polka dots.  She did not disappoint.


I. Love. It.

She really is amazingly gifted with adorable signs.  Great for nurseries, holidays, or whatever you can dream up.  You can just order a design she has done before with your personalization on it or come up with your own.  She’ll even match nursery bedding.





Don’t you just love it all?

Well, Erin offered to do a give away!  She will be giving one lucky reader one of their very own “Do Not Grow Weary” paintings.


So here is how you can win the sign above!

Giveaway Details--
1—Go to The Peanut Paintshop and come back here and leave a comment sharing one of your favorite signs, or something you would love to put on a sign.

Additional Entries--
2—Like Little Llamas on Facebook and Like The Peanut Paint Shop on Facebook.  Let me know you did it!

-Must be in the US (or APO)
-I’ll pick a winner Monday or maybe Tuesday or Wednesday—thought you should have more time!  And Erin will paint you your very own  “Do Not Grow Weary” sign  (you can even pick the colors)

AND a BONUS….As if winning a free adorable sign isn’t enough.  You can take 10% off your first order when you mention Little Llamas.   Happy Shopping!



But don’t get all sign crazy like me.  It will be hard not to, but have a little self control.   (PS—I think that Christmas sign above may be my next purchase)

I mean can a person really have too many signs??

(don’t answer that)

** I paid for the sign above and am receiving no compensation for this post.  Unless pure joy upon walking into my kitchen and glancing at this sign is compensation.   You however, may be the lucky friend to win a sign of your very own!  Thanks Erin!