Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here I am

Sorry for the blog absence.   Sorry.
I have no big reason… we haven’t been traveling, we didn’t get the flu (thank God), I wasn’t being spiritual, taking some Blog sabbatical of silence.

So where Have I been?  
I’ve been trying to choose the Best over the Good.
Trying to stay true to my priorities
I have been living life, and before I could even blink, it had been 2 weeks since my last post.   Sorry.

That, my friends, is breaking the rules of Blogging 101 ---
1-Keep Posting.  Post often.  Post every day. 


Oops.  I guess I get a giant FAIL in Blogging 101. 
I guess I am not being successful in making my blog a “brand”


I wish I had a good reason why I have had nothing to say. 
I promise a lot of important things have been going on.  
Like doing dishes, and laundry and teaching a certain 5 year old to read.  Like park trips, and preschool, and visits from family.  


I am telling you, some days I just want to scrap the blog.   
I mean am I really changing the world here?  Probably not. 
Does anyone even still read my blog?

But I am changing the world…
Even if it’s just through these little llamas people.  And if they are the only people I can impact, then I still call it a day well spent. 


But I am here…
Living life. Loving my little llamas the best I can. 

I have a ton of things I could blog about…
-Like the awesome new hand painted sign I just got
-The Birthday fairy visiting our house
-A certain little guy’s 4th birthday
-Why the left knee of all my jeans are getting holes in them
-My unsuccessful search for new jeans
-The unexplainable knee pain I am having (related to the worn out jeans?  Maybe…)  
-A post on Family fun with Cheerios that’s due on Thursday
-Oh and another installment of my Life With Little People Series...that’s just sitting in draft on my computer.   

And of course all the great and awesome things I am learning… you know wisdom from above.   Oh, it’s exciting times folks.   Wow…just writing this list is giving me vision and excitement for Months weeks (but probably just a few days) of posts.  
Don’t get your hopes up.



(ps- do you like how this is the best picture of my 3 kids I have,
and I cut Charlottes head off… nice one mom)

So, there ya have it folks.  The real deal, the nitty gritty.  The cold hard truth that keeping up with a blog weekly, let a lone daily is hard, and I don’t know how some of these mega bloggers do it.

And this is where I declare, publicly…

That I am NOT a mega blogger.
And I don’t think I ever will be.

Whooo, I said it.  I broke the Blog Silence.  It feels so much better. 
I’ll be back soon with an update on our soon to turn 4 year old (like turning 4 tomorrow – or today, depending on when you read this). 
But right now, I need to go….. I am the Birthday fairy you know.  And this multi-tasking business is hard work.