Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting my priorities straight

Well, hello January 5th.  Nice to see you 2011. 

I’ve been recovering from a fabulous Christmas, a great New Years Conference with our college ministry, taking down christmas, and reorganizing my life. 

     Yep… reorganizing my entire life.   Lofty goal, huh?


I used to have a practice of writing roles and goals, evaluating every week, then it turned to every month, then every semester.    A friend emailed me the other day and asked me to send her a copy of my goals… that she was working on some of her own.  Oh, yes.  Goals.  I uses to make Goals. 

So I pulled up an old file (maybe written in fall 2009?) to email her.
I was challenged to look them over myself, and then inspired to work on some fresh goals for myself and our family. 

I wrote earlier today to her in an email the following:

I am just trying to streamline my life right now to make it successful, effective, and joyful.  I want to run our house in a way that leads to peace and makes it a place we all enjoy being.   I want to be a mom my kids like being around.  I want to be a wife who isn’t grumpy and tired all the time. 

I want to not have  “Overwhelmed and always angry” on  my tombstone.

I want “Joyful, persevering, patient, gentle, fun” to be words that describe me and my mothering, my marriage, and my home-making. 

So my blog silence this week has been because I have been spending time trying to re-prioritize areas of my life and set reasonable and attainable goals in each area. 

Here are the different roles I have written out.  I also made goals under each of them.  Below are just the roles and description of each.  The goals I will keep to myself as they are lengthy and very personal.

Child of God- Self
I want to love God, know His word, be overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit, be healthy and live joyfully.

I want to love Dave well, learning how to serve and encourage him. I want to be the helper suitable for him. I want our marriage to be fun, passionate, and always full of grace.

I want to pass on the gift of knowing Christ to my children. I want to train them in areas of personal care, house chores, being learners, but most of all train them to believe God’s word and trust in the gospel.

Keeper of the Home
I want to honor God with our house, making it a place where life is lived fully, memories are made, and where we as a family can rest, play, and extend hospitality.

Family Member
I want to be a good daughter and sister, encouraging my family and bringing the light of the Gospel into their lives

I want to surround myself with women who will encourage me in this great race, to stay connected to old friends and to be an encourager to those women (near and far) in my life.

I want to use the outlet of my Blog to bring Glory to God and encouragement to those around me, without becoming a slave to a schedule or the allure of “fame” or success


The above “roles” are who I am.  They are in the order of importance and priority to me.  I think when my life feels like chaos, it is because I am not focusing on these roles in the proper order. 
I worry about my house at the expense of my children.  I sit and blog or get sucked into Facebook or Blog Reading at the expense of an unfolded load of laundry.   

Most of all, I just long for Peace and Joy
              Peace in my heart, 
              Peace in this house,
              Peace between siblings

Can I order my life around the right things… choosing the best over the good? Choosing the most important, even if it means saying no to what seems like the most enjoyable at the time? 

So things might be a little different around here.  In a good way.  
And if that means I better mom, wife, and woman… then the changes are the best thing that could come!

Here’s to 2011…
And here’s to living Joyfully and not growing weary!