Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This little sweetie of mine is known as my Bestie


We talk about being Besties. 
We say before bed “Besties Forevahhh!”

IMG_7688 IMG_7689

She is a goofy, giggly girl
who cracks herself up every single day.


And she cracks me up too.

IMG_7701 IMG_7704

We dream of places we’ll go, girls trips, mommy daughter dates.

IMG_7707 IMG_7672

She says that when Helen grows up she can be a Bestie too.


I tell her that she always has to be my Bestie.  That she has to promise to always hug and cuddle me and love me forever.


I will make her read this when she is 14…
And remind her of our deal.  Our club… our handshake.


Please don’t grow up little one. 

Always stay a silly little girl, fluttering around our house like a dancing butterfly, always the last one dressed because you are too busy singing and dancing, creating masterpieces of art to grace my brownstone walls,  always mismatching your outfits because that’s “your style”. 

Always be my Bestie.