Tuesday, December 21, 2010

you know your kids watch too much tv when…

It’s a Pillow...

                 It’s a Pet…

                      It’s a Pillow Pet. 


Yep…. I did.
And then I found out my sister is as genius as I am,
and she got them for her boys as well. 


So we decided…
Why ship 5 pillow pets back and forth across the country?? 
So I wrapped mine up and they came from Cool Aunt Hallie,
and she wrapped hers up and her boys got pillow pets
from their Cool Aunt Carrie. 

Did I mention that ….
they are machine washable
and that
millions of kids are already enjoying them”??  
and that
You can put pajamas in then and take them to grandma’s”

It’s called brainwashing I tell you….
Brain Washing.
And I fell for it hook…line… and sinker. 

(And in case you are wondering, we are now the proud owners
of a lady bug, a dog, and a bumble bee)


So, what Christmas Gimmicks
did you fall for this year??

(please tell me I’m not the only one?)

** I know I have been a tad absent as of late.  And I have more serious things to say other than chatter about pillow pets, but I’m still working on that post.  It’s coming though….