Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Glance Back

I thought to recap the past year, I would walk you through a little “Best of 2010” here at Little Llamas.   Some of our highlights, memories, and all time favorite posts.    Enjoy!


To kick off the New Year, Little Llamas was featured in People Magazine… a HUGE surprise to me and lots of fun

CSR CL Ad (2)


*I issued a worldwide response to all the well-wishers that say
      “My, you sure have your hands full”

*I was living in my own little Preschool Musical …every single day.


Our Little Quarterback turned 3  and we celebrated with
the best football party ever.



This Little Bug turned 1 and my baby days were over…
(well that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…for now)


*I shared 30 things about Me to commemorate my 30th birthday and now feel like you all know way more about me than you ever should!  But awesome that it meant a new friend (who “somehow” stumbled across my blog) came over one night with Diet Coke in hand!


My husband pulled the ultimate birthday surprise over on me!



Made it Crystal Clear what I believe about God

What Is the Gospel? (Ixmarks)

Issued the challenge that we consider our Wednesday Best more than our Sunday best…



*Faced my fears and inadequacies about mothering as well as introduced a new term to the modern language…
           “A Mommy Hangover

I declared my love of babywearing, even though my babywearing days were coming to a close.

(this is a great post for those of you who have asked me about slings)


Greensboro makes it to the list as one of the top places
that Feels Like Home

Greensboro CVB


We said some sad goodbyes to dear dear friends and I was able to stop and appreciate the years spent there and the fact
that I was Known and loved.  I also shared some of my favorite local finds in our great little city


* As we packed up for our big move to DC, I declared that I was not comfortable…and I was okay with that.


Had a great family vacation camping and at the beach


*I renewed a pretty important vow I made to David 8 years ago.

**We sold our house, packed up our family, and moved to Washington DC.

**After a crazy house hunt in DC, God provided a better house than we could have ever asked for.  And we got the van to fit in the 1 car garage (which I think we should actually call a 3/4 car garage.)


*Got used to the New Normal of living in Washington DC.

*I entered into Suburban detox and have had serious cases of withdrawal at times.


God gave us a little gift in the form of a hundred year old statue
found right in the center of our local park


**I wrote an Expose on the Real housewives of DC

**I Longed to be known in this new place and I put my heart out there for all the world to read about it.


I had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that
my first baby was turning Five.  We celebrated our hearts out!


Celebrated 8 years of Wedded Bliss to one great guy!



**Have been encouraged by the rich hymns we sing at our church and challenged to Draw Near to His Word.


Made great some memories at the pumpkin patch



Did a Guest post over at The Mob Society about loving our sons



**Had a fabulous first year celebrating the month leading up to Christmas but was challenged Not to Grow Weary.


What a fabulous wrap up to 2010! 
What a year indeed!


May you look back on 2010 and enjoy the memories!
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!