Friday, November 5, 2010

And you thought it was over…

Halloween that is…

But wait.  Here is me, always late to the game blogger with her slew of Halloween Pictures.  I just cannot for the life of me be that mom that loads pictures to the computer that very night, let along blogs about it!   I am getting over having family in town all weekend, catching up on laundry, dealing with a cold…. and I am just tired.   So. Very. Tired. 

So, I am sorry I haven’t blogged all week… or maybe longer than a week.  Every time I say I am back on the ball with the blog, a huge tidal wave called “life” smacks me in the face and I am drowning in the responsibilities of being a wife/mom.


Starting to catch my breath…
But I guess I shouldn’t say that, because just when I think
it’s safe to breath…. there, over there….

Here it comes…. Another tidal wave.


But here you go… It was Halloween Extraordinaire!
My sister and her family were visiting and we joined in with some friends in Virginia for the evening festivities.


There were fairies…
Is she not the prettiest little tink ever? She kept worrying her lipstick would come off after everything she ate… my kinda girl.


And superheroes
Gotta love a cousins!

IMG_8082 IMG_8085

And a football duo!
Helen was supposed to be Dorothy (a hand me down costume) but being the opinionated baby she is, opted to remain in the outfit she wore to church… it seemed like a costume enough for me.

And Carson… well he’s holding out hope for those Carolina Panthers even up here in his new home of DC. 
Keep praying buddy… they need it.


Our little trick-or-treaters were as cute as can be.
We teamed up with a Dorothy (whew, thank goodness there wasn’t a  2nd Dorothy, as that would be a major fashion no-no)
and a Baseball player (go Nats).


We hit the neighborhood (in VA, not DC)
Ahhh, the suburbs, how I miss you so much at times.


And after 2 culdesacs, called it a night!


Halloween fun was had by all!  Candy was eaten, and teeth were brushed extra long that night.


I love making memories with my kids. 
Halloween sure isn’t a very significant or meaningful holiday,
but I think it is fun and harmless and we certainly had a blast!

Stay tuned for more pics form our family fun
weekend with the cousins!  And I promise it won’t take me
a week and a half to post again.  


Inhales deeply as she goes under…
Here comes that Tidal Wave…