Friday, October 1, 2010

Where the Wild Thing is

Oh Carson-man, he is one crazy kid.

I thought I would share with you a little rhyme I often whisper to him at bedtime…just as he starts to melt into a sweet little boy and gives me mommy cuddles and hugs my neck (though sometimes a little too tight)


I love you when you’re Happy

IMG_7335 IMG_7336

I love you when you’re Sad

 IMG_7320 IMG_7322

I love you when you’re Good…

IMG_7327 IMG_7328

And even when you’re Bad.
I even still Love when you’re really really Mad.

IMG_7331 IMG_7332

I’m always gonna love you… Cause You are my little Boy
I love you, yes I love you, and you bring me so much Joy.


Sometimes after a hard day with my wild man, I just need to be reminded that he’s just a little boy… and I need to remind him that his Mama is always going to Love him.



I have enjoyed reading the book
Wild Things by Stephen James and
David Thomas.  It has been great encouragement on raising boys.




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