Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking pictures of 3 kids --FAIL

Remember last year…IMG_4778

When taking a picture of my 3 kids was impossible?


I just can’t seem to ever get 3 children to smile and all look at the camera at the same time. 


Well, this year was no different. 

We had a blast… but I believe I was quoted as saying
“We are trying to make a memory here!” as I was getting annoyed at my non-cooperative picture takers.

Charlotte responded--
“Why do we need to make a memory?”

“So we can remember this day forever and ever.”

“But we can just keep the memories in our head”


And there was that little tug on my heart….
What’s more important--
Photographing the memory?  Or actually enjoying the memory? 
I think even without that perfect picture, my kids will remember these precious traditions for years to come.

And when they are grown and wonder where all the group pictures from the pumpkin patch went…
I will smirk at them and respond ---

“In your head… remember??”

Stay tuned for more pictures (though all candid sneaky shots)
Because I swear if I say “SMILE” my kiddos freak out.