Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A love that lasts



For our 8th anniversary, we celebrated by taking a river cruise up
(or down?) the Potomac from Alexandria to Georgetown. 
(I think it’s up)

We were able to see some of the monuments by water and enjoy the ride over to Georgetown.


We had a great time remembering the past 8 years and all God has done in our marriage, and how far we have come.


It was a great celebration for us and reminder of God’s Great faithfulness to sustain our marriage.


We have learned a lot and continue to learn each other. 
We fail often, but grow stronger and deeper.
We are running this race together, partnering in the war of wars. 

We have learned about love, respect, communication, grace, trust, forgiveness…and so much more,

So thankful today and every day for my marriage…