Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little Blog Keeping

Just a little Saturday Blog Keeping…

I have been asked to be a part of the Cheerio Blogger Circle.Cheerios Blogger Circle

I will be writing a few posts in the coming months about family, travel, and life with little ones that may be featured on the Cheerio Page.  So go “like” Cheerios on Facebook so you can stay in the know.  *I am not being compensated by Cheerios nor have I received any products to review, I am merely just doing some guest posts for them*


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Stay tuned---

We’ve got lots of great things coming up.  I can’t believe October is almost over and soon the holidays will be here which are my FAVORITE time of the year. We have lots of family fun happening this week, some great giveaways coming soon, a book review, and maybe I’ll finally give you peek at some of our Row House rooms.  


What would you like to read more about? 

-I have had lot of requests for more Row House pictures
      (You have been heard)

-Out and About in DC?

-A series similar to the one I did  before on Fruit of the Spirit?
I have considered tackling The Mommy Sins, Prayers of a Desperate Mom, or you could throw out some suggestions.


Thanks so much for wanting to keep up with Little Llamas!