Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Breakfast- Cheerio Blogger circle

If you have children under the age of 6, breakfast can happen anytime from 5:45-8:00. (let’s just pray for you and me that it is on the later end of that time table)  I don’t know what it is about little people under the age of 6, but they wake with this

“feed me or I might die”

look in their eye.   I have early risers, and I always offer cereal  or other easy breakfast meal like waffles, bagels, etc…nothing that requires cooking


Usually mine all stumble down by 7:30 and we all congregate around the table chatting away before the day gets going.
I know there is a huge emphasis on family dinners, and if you are not doing that, I highly implore you to consider working your schedule at least 3 days a week where you can eat dinner as a family. 

But… this post is about breakfast. 
You see, I think a great habit we can all practice more of is
sitting down and enjoying a good breakfast together.


It doesn’t have to be anything fancy…
But occasionally I do whip up chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, muffins or cinnamon rolls.


But instead of trying to feed them in a mad rush 
of an assembly line and send them on their way,
(totally guilty here on so many days)

Have you considered slowing down at breakfast to…

*Engage your kids in conversation…
*Set the tone for the day and discuss expectations?
*Share about the days activities?
*Talk about lessons the children are learning
*Do a morning devotional with them
*Read a story book at the breakfast table

 IMG_7641 IMG_7644

I think as parents we miss a great opportunity at breakfast to truly care for not only their little tummies, but also their minds and hearts.


I have enjoyed going over Sunday School lessons they bring home from Church and Doing our Morning Devotional*

Step into the Bible: 100 Bible Stories for Family Devotions 

Taking the time to nourish their bodies and minds helps us to get the day started so much better and I notice a huge difference on the days we do this vs. the days we don’t.


And I know that when I do start the day off this way…
By engaging my children where they are in life,


It helps me not to stress out so much
about all the spilled milk…or, um…cereal.

So, how do you start your morning off ?
Have you had a family breakfast recently?

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